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At the end of WWII Germany stood in ruins with most of its major towns and industrial heartland bombed beyond recognition. The country was divided between the allies, with France, Britain and the US holding land in the west and Russia holding land in the East. Like orphaned twins, separated at birth they became very different adults 40 years on. With one being rich and succesful and the other, the proverbial poor relation. The success story in the west began very humbly, not with the economic genius of Ludwig Erhard (Economic Minister), but with the women who literally started rebuilding their towns and society, In a commemorative speech in 1985 the then president of the FRG paid them this tribute “at the end of the war it was they – the women of the rubble who first, and without any prospect of a secure future, set to work putting one stone upon another once more”. However, it soon became clear that it was impossible…

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