• Level: AS and A Level
  • Subject: Media Studies
  • Word count: 1465

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AS Media Studies ME3 The magazine that I have designed is a men’s magazine which focuses on car performances, new powerful cars and all types of modification equipment available for Volks Wagon cars. Through market research that I have carried out I have identified a gap in the market for VW specialised modification magazines. My market research showed me that other leading car manufacturing companies such as: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru and Vauxhall etc. all have their own specialised magazine’s promoting their sports range of new cars. All the above mentioned companies have other manufacturing company cars mentioned slightly in their magazines. My magazine is targeted at 21 -33 year old men who come under the socio demographic groups A – C2. My magazine is only targeted at men because my research has shown me that 65% of men would like some sort of modification done to their cars whereas only 9% of women would like it to be done…

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