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TOPIC – Fundamental Analysis of ICICI Bank Ltd. Name – Ashwin Kulkarni Sr. No. Title Page No. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 6 2. COMPANY PROFILE 7 3. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 16 4. METHODOLOGY OF STUDY 17 5. ECONOMY ANALYSIS 18 6. INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 21 7. PROFILE OF ICICI BANK 30 8. DATA ANLYSIS 36 9. LIMITATIONS/CONCLUSIONS 51 10. BIBLIOGRAPHY 53 INTRODUCTION The stock market is the most volatile market and is difficult to understand as the weather. Though this does not mean that the markets cannot be predicted but it only means that trends may change without warning, as with weather. The stock markets are characterized by almost all factors, again starting right from weather and ending at the political environment. Effects of one market also causes a spillover into the other and an external cause in one market can lead to the reaction in another market. For instance, it’s been proved that a delayed monsoon in India will create the problems…

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