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How is love represented in different ways in the poems; The Beggar Woman by William King and Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy ? The Beggar Woman was written around 1663 to 1712, by William King. William King worked as a lawyer and judge but wrote poems as a hobby. It can be led to believe that his job may have influenced him to write the Beggar woman, because of some acts of injustice that he may have witnessed. Metaphysical and pastoral poetry was quiet a popular style of poetry with the upper class, therefore this is the kind of poetry you may expect from an upper class gentleman. William King, however, chose to write his poem in the style of a Broadside Ballad. Broadside ballads were for the middle classes and for the poor mainly because they were so cheap and the writing used was everyday language. The story within the poem is about a gentleman from the upper class who, whilst he is out hunting, wants to do another kind of ‘sport…

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